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Jon Sockol: Commercial Development in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Part Two)

The founder of Vivon Corporation, Jon Sockol focuses on commercial development in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The community holds a long history of enterprise and a highly favorable business climate. From a legacy of shoe manufacturing, Marlborough has transitioned in recent years into a favored location for high-tech and specialty electronics firms.

A key factor in the current growth of Marlborough, which is only 35 miles from Boston, has been the construction of the Massachusetts Turnpike. The nearly 140-mile stretch of Interstate 90 runs east to west from Boston, through the Berkshires, to New York. Construction on the highway notably lasted several decades, beginning in 1958 and finishing in 2003.

Due to the fact that traveling from Boston is quick and hassle-free, Marlborough has attracted major computer firms such as Hewlett-Packard, Raytheon, Boston Scientific, Sun Microsystems, 3Com, and AMD. Jon Sockol has taken advantage of this pro-business and pro-development civic stance in constructing two commercial buildings for lease on Northboro Road in Marlborough.

Jon Sockol: Commercial Development in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Part One)

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