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Jon Sockol: Commercial Development in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Part One)

Possessing a background in accounting and business administration, Jon Sockol has led the real estate development and leasing firm Vivon Corporation since 2000. Jon Sockol’s firm, which is based in Westborough, Massachusetts, focuses on developments in the nearby community of Marlborough.

Located approximately 35 miles west of Boston and with a population of nearly 40,000, Marlborough emerged as a shoe manufacturing center in the 1830s. Factories in the city notably produced many of the boots worn by Union soldiers during the Civil War. The city was also a pioneer in developing a civic streetcar system in the late 1800s.

The shoe industry thrived in Marlborough through the mid 20th century, with Frye boots being produced there as late as the 1970s. The Rockport Company was notably established in Marlborough in 1971, although it is currently based in Canton, Massachusetts, and is a subsidiary of the global brand Adidas.

Marlborough’s long history of mercantile enterprise has led to a wave of sustained technology-focused growth. This positive business climate has influenced Jon Sockol’s decision to undertake commercial development in the community.

Jon Sockol: Commercial Development in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Part Two)


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